Great, insightful review of “Stitch” from Jenni at Boys in Our Books.

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Stitch is an anthology of four novellas by m/m romance authors, each with a Frankenstein/creature theme. It is the first in a series of gothic m/m romance anthologies called gothika. The stories in this volume are:

The Golem of Mala Lubovnya by Kim Fielding

In a small, 17th-century Eastern European town, a rabbi creates a man of clay—a golem—to protect the Jewish people from the threat of pogrom. Awaiting a call to duty, the golem spends a long time confined to an attic, lonely and sad. His only joys are watching the stonemason at work across the street and listening to a lovely voice singing prayers.

When the golem meets the mason, Jakob, the two become friends, and Jakob names the golem Emet. But devout Jakob struggles with his attraction to Emet, and Emet dreads being used as an instrument for violence. Though Emet’s name means truth, honest love…

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